FEL Strategic Review

STFC is carrying out a review to determine a strategy for the UK’s Provision of Free Electron Laser (FEL) facilities.

The purpose of the FEL strategic review is to develop:

  • a 15 – 20 year vision for UK FEL science;
  • a 7 year strategy for FEL access, UK FEL facility provision, community development, and underpinning technology/skills.

The major focus of the review will be X-rays, but it will also examine the UK community’s needs for lower energy machines and incorporate this into the strategy. The UK has committed to becoming a full member of the European XFEL facility (now under construction near Hamburg, Germany), and so this review will provide the framework for making decisions on any further FEL commitments the UK may make.

The review will be carried out between March and July 2015.

For more information see: http://www.stfc.ac.uk/about-us/our-purpose-and-priorities/planning-and-strategy/fel-strategic-review/

UK become a full member of the European XFEL facility

The UK FEL Forum welcomes the announcement by the UK Government on December 17th 2014 of a £30 m funding contribution to the Euro XFEL project in Hamburg, Germany. This is a great boost to UK X-ray science and hopefully will help the UK to secure a level of access needed for the national science requirements to 2020 and beyond. Whilst crucial details of the funding and the nature of the agreements reached with XFEL remain to be clarified we take this as a very positive step that demonstrates the UK Government commitment to new Photon Science.

UK X-ray FEL Facility: Response to the consultation on proposals for long-term capital investment in science and research

Please follow this link to see a case for building a UK-based X-ray Free Electron Laser facility, which it is intended to submit to the consultation on the UK’s scientific infrastructure.

In addition to making your own individual response to the BIS consultation, please could you give your endorsement to this proposal by filling in a short form on: https://ukfel.org/wordpress/?page_id=573.

In order to organise the response, please provide your endorsement by June 27th.

UK FEL Facility: A response to the UK Government consultation on the UK's scientific infrastructure

Please follow this link to read a letter to the UK FEL Community and other interested parties, seeking views on making a case for building a UK based X-ray Free Electron Laser facility.

Please respond by email to Prof. Jon Marangos j.marangos@imperial.ac.uk or post a comment on the Forum page of this website: https://ukfel.org/wordpress/?page_id=19