Proposals for ALICE Exploitation Projects in 2012

The STFC has an operational IR FEL on the ALICE accelerator which additionally generates pulsed THz radiation – both unique sources in the UK – and is inviting proposals for R&D projects in the period from April to August 2012.

Details of the call for proposals and a pro forma application can be downloaded from the ASTeC website.

Parameters for each of the photon sources can also be accessed on the ASTeC website. For FEL and for THz.

Statement from Professor John Womersley, Chief Executive Officer of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

The latest generation of free electron laser light sources is opening up a whole range of exciting new scientific opportunities in the physical and life sciences – science opportunities that exploit the extremely short pulses and high photon flux that such facilities alone can provide. While the UK is not currently able to propose such a facility of our own, a future UK-based light source of this type would be an exciting development and is one of a number of future opportunities that STFC is examining. UK researchers are becoming increasingly active in this science and it is important that we maintain contact with the international FEL community and aware of developments. I hope the UK FEL forum is able to help do this, while also supporting and building the growing community interest that we see in this area.