X-ray lasers in biology – techniques

16th–17th October 2013, at The Royal Society at Chicheley Hall, home of the Kavli Royal Society International Centre, Buckinghamshire

Satellite meeting organised by Professor John Spence and Professor Henry Chapman.

This meeting brings together leaders in the development of new techniques for the study of molecular structure and interactions in biology using the recently invented hard X-ray laser. Topics will include time-resolved protein nanocrystallography, femtosecond wide-angle X-ray diffraction, sample delivery devices, data analysis and diffraction theory, and detector systems.

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X-ray lasers in biology

14th –15th October 2013, at The Royal Society, London

Scientific discussion meeting organised by Professor Henry Chapman and Professor John Spence.

The recent invention of the hard X-ray laser (XFEL) has opened new vistas for structural and dynamic biology. This meeting will review the latest work, outline opportunities for future research, and describe the new techniques (snapshot SAXS, serial nanocrystallography, single-particle imaging) which take advantage of the atomic spatial resolution and femtosecond time resolution of the XFEL.

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