Emerging photon technologies for chemical dynamics

July 9-11th 2014, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Deadline for abstracts for oral presentations: extended to November 4th.

A Faraday Discussion on the topic of Emerging Photon Technologies for Chemical Dynamics (FD171) will be held at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, from July 9th to 11th 2014. Faraday Discussions have a unique format in which selected speakers are invited to submit full papers describing their work prior to the meeting, and are given five minutes to present it at the meeting. Most of the meeting is therefore devoted to discussion of the papers that have been submitted. The call for abstracts to be considered for these full papers and oral presentations has now been extended to November 4th. Abstracts should be submitted at http://www.rsc.org/ConferencesAndEvents/RSCConferences/FD/FD171/cfp.asp

The light from newly developing photon sources, (X-ray free electron lasers are one example), provides an exceptionally exciting tool with a range of applications. This Faraday Discussion will provide an interdisciplinary forum that will focus on applications to:

  • Chemical reaction dynamics
  • Electron dynamics in atoms, molecules and clusters
  • Correlated systems, surfaces and catalysis
  • Nanoscale and bio imaging

Oral presentation slots will not be limited to speakers who have used free electron laser sources, but will be open to anyone who feels that their work fits with the meeting title and whose abstract is accepted by the committee.