UK Research Groups

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Research Groups using FELs

Name Institute Research Group Main research with FELs FELs used Contact Details
Vitali Averbukh Imperial College London Quantum Optics and Laser Science (QOLS) Theory for AMO experiments FLASH, LCLS 
Andrea Cavalleri CFEL Hamburg, University of Oxford Quantum Condensed Matter Dynamics Condensed matter, structural dynamics FLASH,
Sarnjeet Dhesi Diamond Light Source Nanoscience Beamline (I06) Dynamics in highly-correlated systems FLASH, LCLS
Robert Donovan University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry Reaction dynamics, molecular spectroscopy, reactions of excited states FLASH
David Dye Imperial College London Engineering Alloys High performance metallics LCLS
Andrew Ellis University of Leicester Spectroscopy and Dynamics Dynamics in liquid He FLASH
Leszek Frasinski Imperial College London Quantum Optics and Laser Science (QOLS) AMO physics and chemical dynamics FLASH, LCLS
Gianluca Gregori University of Oxford High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics Warm dense matter FLASH, LCLS
Samar Hasnain University of Liverpool Institute of Integrative Biology Biological imaging SACLA
Andrew Higginbotham University of York Plasma Physics and Fusion High strain-rate deformation, High-pressure physics LCLS 
David Holland Daresbury Laboratory AMO physics and chemical dynamics FLASH, LCLS
Mike Hough University of Essex School of Biological Sciences fixed target SFX and time-resolved SFX of metalloproteins SACLA
Adam Kirrander University of Edinburgh Ultrafast Imaging Ultrafast imaging and theoretical chemical physics LCLS
Ciaran Lewis Queen’s University Belfast Centre for Plasma Physics Warm dense matter & two colour photoionisation FLASH
Ben Luisi University of Cambridge Crystallographic and functional studies of regulatory assemblies Biological imaging & crystallography FLASH, LCLS
Stuart Mackenzie University of Oxford Cluster dynamics and laser spectroscopy  IR-spectroscopy and dynamics of decorated transition-metal clusters FELIX, FHI FEL
Jon Marangos Imperial College London Quantum Optics and Laser Science (QOLS) AMO physics and ultrafast measurement LCLS
Martin McCoustra Heriot-Watt University Surface chemistry / astrochemistry FLASH
Malcolm McMahon University of Edinburgh Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions High density matter LCLS
Russell Minns University of Southampton Ultrafast Dynamics Group Chemical dynamics and photoelectron spectroscopy LCLS, (FERMI proposal under review)
Isabel Moraes National Physical Laboratory Biology of membrane proteins LCLS, SACLA 
Marcus C. Newton University of Southampton Coherent X-ray Science Group Condensed matter, structural dynamics. SACLA 
Allen Orville Diamond Light Source XFEL Hub SFX, time-resolved SFX, time-resolved X-ray emissionn spectroscopy Eu-XFEL,LCLS, SACLA 
Robin Owen Diamond Light Source Microfocus MX (Beamline I24) SFX, time-resolved SFX, endstation instrumentation LCLS, SACLA
Simon Phillips Research Complex at Harwell Carr Group Time-resolved and redox structural studies of metalloenzymes using crystallography LCLS
Dave Riley Queen’s University Belfast Centre for Plasma Physics Warm dense matter FLASH, LCLS
Ian Robinson London Centre for Nanotechnology / UCL Pump-probe on nanoparticles, structure of nanoparticles LCLS, SACLA
Jonathan Underwood University College London Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Positron Physics Chemical dynamics LCLS
Jasper van Thor Imperial College London Centre for structural biology Time resolved bio-molecular structure LCLS
Sam Vinko University of Oxford Intense X-ray Matter Interactions Matter in extreme conditions FERMI, FLASH, LCLS
Klaus von Haeften University of Leicester Quantum Fluids and Atomic Clusters Dynamics in liquid He FLASH
Armin Wagner Diamond Light Source Long Wavelength MX (I23) SFX LCLS
Justin Wark University of Oxford Oxford Centre for High Energy Density Science (OxCHEDS) Warm dense matter FLASH, LCLS
Peter Weightman University of Liverpool Condensed Matter Physics Near field imaging ALICE IR-FEL

Research Groups related to research with FELs

Name Institute & Group Website Topic Contact Details
Julia Weinstein Sheffield University
time-Resolved biological imaging, charge transfer on the nanoscale
Peter Moody Leicester University enzyme mechanism and protein-protein complexes
Tony Stead Royal Holloway, University of London biological imaging

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