European XFEL Users' Meeting 2013, DESY Hamburg on 23 – 25 January 2013

The European XFEL Users’ Meeting 2013 will be held at DESY Hamburg on 23 – 25 January 2013. The meeting will be organized jointly with the PHOTON SCIENCE Users’ Meeting 2013.

The programme comprises:

23 Jan, all day: Plenary sessions of the European XFEL (project status and progress reports; Science session with special topic: State-of-the-art instrumentation for scientific X-ray FEL applications).

24 Jan, morning: Plenary sessions (Soft X-ray FEL / FLASH experiments) jointly organized with the Photon Science colleagues.

25 Jan, afternoon: Poster session, jointly organized with DESY Photon Science.

In the afternoon of 24 Jan, room is given to satellite meetings and workshops. In the morning of 25 Jan the Plenary session of the DESY Photon Science Users’ Meeting 2013 will take place.

We are pleased to announce that we are again able to offer to a limited number of young scientists a financial contribution of up to 600 €, depending on distance, towards travel and living expenses. All current PhD students, as well as scientists who obtained their doctoral degree after 1 January 2011 are eligible. We encourage you to forward this information to science graduate students or recent PhD’s who might be interested. Deadline for application is 4 January 2013.

Additional information including registration is available at the following website.

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