X-ray Free Electron Laser workshop on Wednesday 14th November 2012

X-ray Free Electron Laser. What can it do for UK structural Biology?

A free half day workshop for the UK community will showcase important and exciting results that have been obtained using X-FELs.

The meeting is organised under the Instruct banner by Jim Naismith (St Andrews), supported by Diamond Light Source.

The speakers will include:
Professor Ilme Schlichting (Max Plank)
Professor Henry Chapman (European X-FEL)
Professor Richard Neutze (Gothenburg)

The workshop will be held at Burroughs Room at the Wellcome Collection Conference Centre on Euston Road.

Coffee at 10am, for a 10.30 prompt start. Wednesday 14th November 2012

Presentations will finish and a working lunch will follow.

At 2pm UK funders (BBSRC, Wellcome Trust, MRC, STFC) have offered to have a discussion with the community about our views on whether and how the UK should engage with X-FEL. There is an option for a limited investment in an experimental station for UK structural biology. A decision on whether to participate will have to made this calendar year.

Places are limited by the capacity, please register by emailing Susan Daenke (susan@strubi.ox.ac.uk).

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