LCLS publishes its Strategic Development Plan


This facilities plan is in response to a prior report, “New Science Opportunities Enabled by LCLS-II X-ray Lasers,” released in June, that details some important scientific questions that LCLS-II can be expected to contribute to, identifies areas of science it can explore, and proposes some specific experiments that it can undertake. Some of the science opportunities for LCLS-II are also listed at SLAC’s LCLS-II website.

The facilities plan, once finalized, will help to set priorities for the next five to 10 years of LCLS and LCLS-II operations.

LCLS managers are seeking feedback on the facilities plan from SLAC employees and from the international LCLS user community by Wednesday, Sept. 30, in order to incorporate this feedback for consideration by the LCLS Scientific Advisory Committee in October.”  

Download the plan  from: